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Workshops in stone sculpting for beginners

In these workshops we work with sandstone from Cotta in the near of Dresden. It is a beautiful, soft stone  which enables you to learn the technique of stone working extremely well with. I teach the participants how to treat the stone with mallet and chisel. It is always very exciting to see how fast the participants are able to enjoy sculpting. This beautiful feeling to design something, to bring a stone into a shape according to one’s own idea. These rough stones are the source of wonderful inspirations.

The participants can let themselves be led by a stone or choose a suitable one for their ideas from 3 – 4 tons of pit moist, that is fresh sandstone. I do not only see my task in teaching the technique of sculpting but also to promote the participants’ perception, their awareness, perhaps to inspire them now and then, to show them creative possibilities.

Workshops in stone sculpting for advanced

In these workshops I teach the participants how to treat harder stones. Types like marble, limestone, travertine, granite or serpentine. These types require different processing techniques different tools und different time periods. Here as well I gladly support the participants if they wish.

Especially surface design, such as the traces of the work process, grindings or polish can be issues here. Besides manual approaches, methods of how to develop a shape and artistic discourses come up in this context as well.

Wood carving workshops

A range of different indigenous woods are at your disposal when you take part in this workshop (poplar, lime, chestnut, oak…). I accompany the work process from the choice of the material until the completion of the sculpture. Here I teach the technique of wood carving and – if desired – attend the creative process.

Until now a great variety from figurative until abstract sculptures  have been produced from this living material wood. We are open for your ideas and suggestions, such as extended artistic concepts, development of the product, art and education.